Moving Home During the School Summer Holidays

It’s that time of year again: School’s out for summer! If you are planning to move during the school summer holidays, there are a few extra things to consider. Summer holidays are a fantastic and popular time to move home, some children move from one school to another, the office is generally quieter and getting time off can be a little easier. However, getting a removal company during this time, especially if you need one at short notice, can be harder than normal.

Here are the pros and cons of moving during the summer holidays and a couple of tips for getting your removal booked in on your selected day:

Positives Negatives
Children move to new schools or are away from classes Busy time of year for removal companies
Easier to obtain time away from work Some removal companies will charge higher fees (Ois only charge standard rates!)
Traffic is lighter, ensuring a speedy move Younger children require child care

Here are some top tips that we have put together from our years of experience in the removals industry:

  • Utilise your teenage children! While younger children might need managing or looking after by a relative or carer. Older children can help you with some of the lighter lifting or easier jobs around the home.
  • Move on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday: The later days of the week tend to be busier for removal companies as most people tend to take days off to ensure they have a long weekend to deal with the move.
  • Book your removal company well in advance. Removal companies can be booked up for four to six weeks around the summer holidays, so ensure you get in around a month before you want to move.
  • Be flexible with your moving times: If you are moving a short distance or you do not have much to move, ask your removal company if they have availability as early as possible during the day, as they might have the ability to fit you in.

If you are looking to move home over the summer holidays, contact us today to see if we can help.