Expert Tips from Ois Removals for Transporting Plants Safely


Green Moving: Expert Tips from Ois Removals for Transporting Plants Safely

Transporting plants during a house move requires meticulous planning and preparation to keep them healthy and unscathed. Ois Removals, known for their extensive expertise in residential and commercial removals, offers essential guidance to assist you throughout this process:

Before Your House Move

  • Pruning: Trim larger plants to make them easier to handle, which involves cutting back overgrown branches or leaves.
  • Selective Pruning: Concentrate on removing dead or wilted leaves and branches to foster healthy growth.
  • Timing: Prune your plants a few weeks prior to the move to allow them recovery time.
  • Pest Control: Inspect for pests and address any infestations. Ois Removals recommends examining beneath leaves and around the soil line.
  • Treatment: Employ either organic or chemical methods for pest control. Natural remedies like neem oil are often preferred.
  • Repotting: Think about repotting into plastic pots for a lighter and more durable solution. Ensure good drainage and replenish with fresh potting soil for added nutrients.
  • Watering: Maintain regular watering but avoid overwatering before the move. The soil should be moist, not wet, on the day of the move.

During the Move

  • Packing: Utilise robust boxes and secure pots using packing materials such as bubble wrap or newspaper. Ois Removals supplies top-notch packing resources for this.
  • Box Size: Select a box that is both tall and sturdy enough for your plant.
  • Securing Plants: Use stakes or ties to keep plants upright and prevent them from moving around.
  • Temperature Control: Try to keep a stable temperature to prevent any harm.
  • Positioning: Ensure plants are kept upright and stable throughout the journey.
  • Light: If the move is lengthy, expose your plants to light occasionally.

Ois Removals’ modern vehicles and experienced team members ensure your plants are transported securely, maintaining their upright position and suitable temperatures.

After the Move

  • Unpack Immediately: To minimise stress, unpack your plants as soon as you can.
  • Acclimatise: Slowly introduce them to their new surroundings, replicating their previous light and temperature conditions.
  • Watering and Care: Resume your regular plant care routine, making adjustments for the new environment.

Special Considerations

  • Long-Distance Moves: Evaluate the duration of transit for your plants. Some may not endure long periods without light or water.
  • Health Check: Assess the health of your plants to ensure they can withstand the journey.
  • Alternative Solutions: For extremely long moves, consider giving plants away or using a specialised plant moving service.
  • Climate Change: Be aware of different environmental conditions in your new location.

Ois Removals, with their comprehensive services that include packing, storage, and insurance coverage, guarantees a secure and efficient move for your beloved plants.