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Moving to or from the Fulham area? Look no further than Ois Removals for your next home move. We have helped almost 30,000 Londoners move home since 1997 and have developed a wealth of experience that can be put to work to save you time, effort and money. We believe that our removals services are second to none and have developed a large customer base within the Fulham area.

We understand that moving is one of life's most stressful tasks, and as your local Fulham removal company we want to use our knowhow to take the stress out of removals.

We love Fulham, it's one of London's best locations with fantastic amenities, a great community, shops, jobs, connections to the centre of London and not too far from major roads to escape the big smoke. 

We understand that you have a large choice of companies to consider when hiring a removal company in Fulham and we thank you for considering Ois Removals. We are proud that the vast majority of our work comes from repeat customers and we would like to take this opportunity to turn you into our next satisfied Fulham customer.

Our Fulham Removals Services

We have a range of removals services available to our customers in the Fulham area.

Full Removals Service
Our full removals package is the best stress buster when it comes to moving home. We can pack your items, get you to your new home & even unpack at the other end.

House Removals
We can handle moves from 1, 2, 3, 4, 5+ bedroom houses in Fulham and South London. We've build our business on moving family homes.

Flat / Apartment Removals
We use our experience in flat removals in Fulham to ensure you don't hit any unexpected issues along the way.

Storage Service
We can offer short or long term storage for any large items that you will not take to your new home. Secure, insured and fully managed at our HQ.

Man & Van Service
If you don't mind some heavy lifting and just need a hand by a friendly man with a van, this budget saving option might be for you.

Packing Service
If you're short on time, or have a lot of items to pack. Our experienced staff can help with as much or as little packing that you need. 

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What Our Fulham Removals Customers Say

These are live Google reviews from local customers!
Excellent removal company. We had one man to help be move all our stuff from our room to our new flat. He helped us with a great attitude and work ethic. Would highly recommend.
Kirsty Rakesh
Kirsty Rakesh
19:20 17 Dec 17
The driver came and loaded up the van, it was all very professional. The people in the office managed to book me in at quite short notice. Very good all round and will be using them again next year. Thanks guys
Karen Fletcher
Karen Fletcher
09:46 21 Dec 17
We had an excellent move with ois. We had more stuff than we realised! Who doesn't? I have to be honest while only moving a 2 bedroom flat, we had quite a lot. This wasn't a problem at all for Ois removal, they packed and moved us over 3 days. We were hoping it was only going to be 2 days but we were happy to pay a bit extra. They came 1 week later to collect our empty boxes free of charge! We will be recommending ois and using them in the future!
15:43 20 Dec 17
Excellent experience all round. We moved from Brixton to Clapham at the end of last year. Would use again
Andreas del potro
Andreas del potro
11:09 18 Jan 18
I moved a few months ago and they were ever so helpful with all aspects of my removal. The team were great and moved all out stuff with no qualms
Pete Simmons
Pete Simmons
08:30 22 Dec 17
Have moved with them twice. Very professional and punctual service.
Arms Race
Arms Race
14:12 28 Nov 17
BEST REMOVAL COMPANY EVER!! I used Ois Removal in July 2018, I had 45 large boxes, all kinds of furniture and TV, speakers etc... and not even a single thing is broken, all arrived my new home in perfect condition. I was amazed how quick they moved/disassembled/reassembled everything... all employees arrived on time with professional attitude, super polite, friendly and efficient. The price is very reasonable as well.They also have the best customer support. I was informed 2 hours prior to the check in time of my new house that I cannot get the keys on the day, I panicked... what am I going to do with a whole truck of stuff? Oisin literally saved my life, he arranged the storage service for me in such a short notice. Moving home was stressful but I received the highest quality removal service from OIS removal, thank you guys so much!! I will recommend to everyone who is looking for a reliable removal company and I will continue to use Ois if I'm moving home again 🙂
Linda Lin
Linda Lin
15:49 22 Aug 18
These guys were just, simply fantastic and made our moving in and out a breeze. They were extremely friendly and efficient. Smilingly did the toughest tasks for us - moving heavy, oak furniture up two storeys of very narrow staircases. Not for the faint hearted!! Their storage service was also top notch! Couldn't recommend them highly enough!!! Five stars!!
18:40 02 Nov 18
Very good service. Timely response to queries, on time arrival on moving day, everything handled with care.
Juan Novoa
Juan Novoa
19:14 23 Dec 18
What're you looking for? Efficiency, speed and professionalism? Then you've looking at the right removals company. From the moment they arrived (nice and early, may I add), the friendly team of three introduced themselves and got to work without wasting any time. We were really impressed at the way they moved and packed away all the goods quickly and without any fuss.On many occasions, they went over and beyond what was expected. I will definitely recommend these guys to friends and family.
Pras Chan
Pras Chan
16:40 31 Jan 19
Great service. Removers couldn't have been more helpful and efficient. Would highly recommend
Louise Fallaha
Louise Fallaha
20:14 12 Feb 19
OIS were super efficient, friendly and patient on the day of our move- recommended!
Jacqueline Gunn
Jacqueline Gunn
13:22 07 Jun 19
OIS made my move go really smoothly. They packed and moved everything quickly, were really professional and very friendly. Highly recommended!
Dave Mauger
Dave Mauger
11:49 19 Aug 19
Oisin’s team have been brilliant, I highly recommend this company. During 2018-2019 we renovated our house in stages so we ended-up using OIS several times. The first time we packed everything ourselves. The second time we decided to use the packing services of OIS for all if our furniture (which was very helpful if you do not like disassembling and reassembling your furniture!). On each occasion the team arrived promptly and executed the move in a highly efficient manner. The booking team were very responsive and helpful. A genuinely great company to deal with. Many thanks Oisin and team!
Sam B
Sam B
12:50 06 Sep 19

We are Fulham locals!

Being local to Fulham means we can use our specialist knowledge to get you from A to B faster.

removals fulham

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fulham removals

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The OIS Removals Fulham  Team work to ensure that all of our Fulham customers get the best service that we can offer. As soon as you contact us, our team of experienced removals experts will give you all the advice and help that you need, we will send you a quote for your home move and once you have accepted this amount we will get to work in planning your move. Our specialist knowledge of Fulham and the loca area means that we can avoid pitfalls that might strike other removal companies; we ensure that any parking that is required is pre organised, that we avoid the traffic as best we can and recommend a time of day that will make the move as quick and easy as possible. We have compiled a list of local information for the Fulham area below that will help you get informed before you a ready for removal day.

Useful Removals Information for the Fulham area.

Parking suspension.

Fulham is governed by the local authority of Hammersmith and Fulham London Borough Council. Like many other London boroughs the majority residential areas in Fulham are mainly covered by permitted parking for residents. When you are moving to or from the area you will need to have the parking rules "suspended" so that we can get our removals vehicles parked up without penalty.

Click here for details on parking suspension procedures in Fulham.

Council tax.

If you are moving in or out of any of London's boroughs, it is your responsibility to let the authorities know of your move. This ensure you pay the right amount of council tax for your area.

Click here to visit the Hammersmith & Fulham council website to tell them about your move.

Electoral roll.

The electoral roll is very important: it allows you to vote in local and national elections and is used as a database for things like credit reports. Updating it when you move is essential.

Click here to visit the Fulham council website voting website.

Redirection of post.

Protecting your identity, ensuring you get important mail and making sure that you buy yourself some time to get all of your addresses updated when you move. To do all of this, make sure you get your mail redirected when you move.

Click here to visit the Royal Mail website and request a postal redirect.

removal company fulham

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