Free Moving Checklist!


There is a million and one things to remember when you move home, that's why Ois Removals have put together a list of tasks that will help you to plan your move and take some of the stress out of moving home.

Our years of experience in the removals business has given us a keen insight into those little things that people sometimes forget - or the large things that get overlooked! Feel free to print our list and use it to help you plan your move!

Six Weeks Before Your Move

Four Weeks Before Your Move

Three Weeks Before Your Move

Two Weeks Before Your Move

One Week Before Your Move

One Day Before Your Move

On the Day of Your Move


Moving home is often a stressful experience for those that choose to carry out the process on their own but we at OIS can help avoid  that stress, like our motto says:

We move. We pack. We Store.

(So you don't have to)

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