How to Avoid the Need for Storage When You Move Home

There is one thing that people often misinterpret from when moving home: When they go to visit their new property, understanding the size of the rooms can be hard to judge. Sometimes the property is empty and appears to be huge! Other times it’s a matter of only having a brief amount of time to check out their new home and not really working out where their current items will go once they move in.

This results in a problem; new home owners (or renters) end up trying to fit items into a property that is just too small. We often hear from our storage customers that they’ve tried to fit a sofa, desk or table through the front door or stairway of their new home and it just doesn’t fit. On many occasions we’ve spoken to people who have reached their new apartment front door after scaling many flights of stairs only to find the dimensions of their doors or hallways do not match the size of their favourite leather sofa.

This is where our custom storage solutions come in: If you are moving home with us (or even if you’re not), we can offer custom sized containerised storage solutions at our London HQ. Because we don’t sell space by the box or the unit, we can handle single large items, a multitude of small items or a mix of both. We do all the leg work and ensure that everything is packed safely, with protective wrapping, and is safe, clean and secure – giving you peace of mind that your precious items are safe with us until you need them in the future – we’ll even come and collect your items from you for free! However, before you pay for any kind of storage solution, we have some top tips to ensure you don’t need us.

Here are our top 5 tips to make sure that your new property has capacity to fit all your belongings:

  1. Ask the estate agent, or landlord, for a floor plan with dimensions of each room.
  2. When you make your final visit before moving in, take a tape measure and record the dimensions of the front door and/or the internal doorways.
  3. If you can’t get a floorplan. then use an App on your Smartphone to measure the internal room dimensions. ‘magicplan’ is available on Android and iPhone and is a very popular solution for this very problem.
  4. If you are moving to an upstairs apartment: Measure and record the dimensions of your large items and use those dimensions to ensure they will fit into your new property (before doing the heavy lifting).
  5. If all else fails: Hire a reputable Storage provider who can offer customised storage and will collect the items from you to save you time.

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