The surprising rise in Pre-Brexit home moves

It’s not all doom and gloom! Whenever there is a large change in any market, such as the impending 31st October deadline for Brexit, unexpected behavior often crops up. While you would expect that homeowners looking to sell would sit on their hands until the financial future becomes a little clearer, as reported this month in The Guardian, the UK has actually seen an unexpected rise in those looking to move home before Brexit hits. With people on the move up 6.1% of the same month last year.

There may be various reason for this to have happened, but perhaps the most obvious is that people don’t move home that often in their lives, so if a homeowner is planning on staying in a new property for a decade or more. Then a little instability in the price of their new home is likely not anything to worry about, as house prices in the UK only really go one way in the long term.

Here at Ois we have experienced as busy summer season, this is inline with most years as people like to move during the school holidays to avoid disruption to their lives. If you are looking to move home before Brexit hits, then we’re ready to help, just contact us today for a quote.