Moving home with the help of technology

We live in incredibly fast moving times. Barely a decade ago real ‘smart phones’ started emerging into our lives, now we hear talk of artificial intelligence, drones and robots! This got us thinking: How could technology that we all have available to us via the Internet help our customers to take the stress out of the removals process. How can apps and websites help us move home?

Here is a rundown of the best apps and websites to help you get ready for your removal day:

1.Create an inventory with Sortly: If you want to keep track of everything that moves from one property to another, Sortly offers a home inventory system to allow you to list everything that you have in your home.

2. Plan your new home layout with MagicPlan: Before you move, you can measure for new furniture and other placements using AR technology. MagicPlan allows you to point your smartphone’s camera around a room for an accurate measurement and floorplan.

3. Use an online Moving Checklist: There are many free moving checklists that you can find online, use the cumulative knowledge of movers and removal companies to create your own list to keep things organised and ontrack.

4. Create multiple to do lists with Google Keep: Fed up of making paper lists and then losing them? Google’s Keep app allows you to create multiple lists for different tasks, colour code them, add photos, share them with other people and keep everything organised.

5. Get rid of unwanted items locally, with NextDoor: If you have items you no longer use and won’t be moving to your new home, give them the gift of a second life with a neighbour. NextDoor is a social network that connects you solely with those who live in your local area.

6. Use YouNeedABudget to help you manage your finances: While originally designed for managing income and expenditure, YouNeedABudget can also be used to budget for particular event, such as moving home.

7. Get those odd jobs done before you movie using TaskRabbit: Find local ‘Taskers’ to clean your gutters, clear out your shed or walk your dog. Save that extra time and take away the pre-move stress.

As of today, these are the best bits of tech we have encountered to reduce the stress of moving home, however, at the current pace of change, who knows what might be next. One day we might be sending removal robots to help you shift your heavy boxes!

If you are looking for more free advice on moving home, or would like to hire professionals to take care of it all for you, just contact us today for a free quote.

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